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5 Advanced Technologies are Trending in Future
Pallavi Kumari - Dec 20, 2018
Advanced Technologies in future

Now every person is busy in daily routine work and want to faster work. Almost person of all ages spend time on internets and mobile. Facebook profile and other social media accounts through apps are available on your phone. These following technologies may be new to existing mobile application, but these Each one of these apps are interacting and represents the engagement of users.

1.    AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Most of the popular mobile applications of today already have AI technology in them somewhere. Audiences want to engage when an app is very advanced level programming to get more advanced in many other industries, it may very well put more people out of work because their labour will be performed by robots. One of the major problem in job sectors as the next many years all company will uses in the customer service departments of companies.

Companies integrate Machine Learning and AI into their own apps because it increases their productivity and it lowers their total operating expenses. AI helped automate customer service and also made significant changes in the automobile industry and the healthcare industry.

2.    Mobile Wallets for Payment Online

There are lot of mobile wallet services available by developers creating mobile wallet apps with added security. This will allow users to conduct encrypted monetary transactions right through their mobile phone. The prediction of this trend is due to the increase in the number of internet booking systems and purchases. Apple Pay on the iOS 11 is working toward an option for peer-to-peer payment.

The prediction of this trend is due to the increase in the number of internet booking systems and purchases. Apple company Invest Their strategy and plan on the iOS 11 is working toward for peer-to-peer payment services.

3.    Cloud-based Applications to Save Data

Storage space is often a problem for mobile phone users because they have so many applications that they want to download and use. when you use a lot of these apps, it adds even more data to your phone’s storage. All this data usage adds up quickly and then you have to uninstall something to make space on phone devices.

With cloud-based apps, this problem is solved because users can store their app data on a dedicated cloud server. By doing this, the storage space on their own phone is not used up. When you have multiple apps using this technology, it allows users to be able to download a lot more apps onto their phone than they could before.

4.    Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Apps

There is already augmented reality technology integrated into social media apps and gaming apps. A good example is the very popular social media platform Snapchat, which uses this technology. As more people use Snapchat, it creates an incentive for mobile app development companies to develop AR technology for their apps. No doubt that AR is among mobile app development trends of 2018.

Another social media app which uses this technology is Instagram. However, they’re already planning to enhance their app by making it even more engaging for users.

5.    Technology Fashion with Wearables Gadgets

More people are using wearables as these are in trending and attractive. As these wearables gadgets become more fashionable in appearance, mobile app developers will be creating new apps for smartphones in 2018.

The manufacturers of iPhones and Android smartphones for creating applications on their phones which can synchronize and integrate wearable technology. Wearables are going to trend and innovative with mobile app development in next few years.