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How Social Media Improve Website Traffic
Pallavi Kumari - Dec 20, 2018
Social Media Network

In today situation everyone wants to be stay update with online social networks. Company, Small or Big Level Business or even individual person keep themselves with touch with social media platform. Social Media networks helps in spread brand awareness and drive traffic to improve products and services.

Social media network is best place to share conversation and promote the business activities. This will engage more people to build online business brand.

Engage Your Audience with Visual Pictures

First impression should be attractive and every one design their thinking by first appearance of website. Online visitors take decision to move towards website or go through by visual interaction of website.

Social media networks create great engagement through images and videos in comparison of text posts.

More than 80% person able to take decision of purchasing products online with visual attractive brand images of products and services.

Content Should Be Shareable

Every Business Want to be online promotion and brand awareness which can be promote through mobile friendly viral news among audience. According to data analysis report mostly 80% user spend time on mobile and search internet for products and services. Almost every person watches news content on a mobile device in compared to a desktop.

Using Social Media Plugins & Buttons

You can share your content by attached social media plugins. There are various plugins that can help you spread your content via social media much easier.

Improve Website SEO Ranking

As Everyone want their content should be easy and also need to ensure your content is being shared correctly and effectively. Digital marketing has grown rapidly and is fasten the marketing strategy, which enables some point to upping your search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Digital marketing services increase the online trust and popularity of your business.

Research Your Competitors

It is important to identity well what your competitors are doing which is a true marketing strategy. The same pattern should be in place for your social strategy.

Social media competitive analysis simply helps you boost your social media traffic.

Try to get in touch with your competitors first. This give you a better idea what it takes to build an audience on social. You never want to directly copy your competitors, but the analysis can shape your own strategy.

There are lot of online tools to detect competitors analysis for your website like Searchmetrics, SEMrush, Alexa


Best Times to Post on Social Media

You want to share your content on social media at the times when your audience available online is most common way to engage visitors.

A Business to Business office supplies company’s audience will most likely be online at a different time to the audience of a local nightclub.

you can schedule posts at different times of day and different days of the week and then look at the analytics to see which got the highest engagement.