Augmented Reality is Future of Technology
Bharat Rao - Oct 18, 2018

In Initial time, Developers face difficulty in tuning imagination into the reality. Many Mobile Developing company started using Augmented Reality suit.


Augmented reality (AR) is modern popular technology helpful in support in daily lives of every technology. As AR capable to transform the real world with awesome elements from the virtual world. AR is just overlay the image on the real things people that we can feel, hear, and see.


Mobile phone will become even more popular and social

Augmented reality will make things we already do on our handheld devices better and more social, with the camera becoming the primary mobile interface. He predicts that there will be AR and VR capability in almost all of our devices.

E-Commerce Will Be Redefined

AR will let consumers try on, experiment with and feel the visualize the items before purchase in an entirely new way, by merging the experience of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store with the convenience of shopping online.

Product design will become revolutionary

AR will allow designers to move past simply imagining their product through 3D models, to experiencing the product and its applications, shortcomings and potential, long before they begin to build it. This translates to lower testing and design experimentation costs, greater opportunities for innovation, and ultimately a better product with a lower price tag.

Safer working environment conditions

Producing consumer goods is at the foundation of our economy, and AR offers the opportunity to make factories, mines, plants and assembly lines safer, more productive and better equipped to handle accidents.

Improvement in city infrastructure

At every level, public sector offices and service providers must maintain huge amounts of data, simulate a variety of imagination situations and train first responders on each, and plan and organize communities for efficiency, safety and economy. AR enables city planners, first responders and government officials to move from a blueprint of next planning and situations.