Benefits of Analog Advertisement Vs Digital Advertisement
Bharat Rao - Oct 18, 2018

Analog Advertisement Vs Digital Advertisement


Almost Every Business need of advertising and way of promote their product and services. There are several ways to advertisement in market to attract the attention of customers. Analog way is simple, cheapest but old fashion mode of advertisement.



  • Easily target local customers in business.

On Television or radio ads can be display in particular region. Letters or mails, flyer, posters can be easily reach at the destination to promote the products and services to local person according to their interest.

  • Easy Way of Communicate & Understand

Most people easily understand the traditional and analog way as they are already known the strategy and way of advertisement.

For example - a primary school advertises their academic session and people quick understand the pattern and working process.

  • Store Content of Advertisement

Analog advertisement use newspaper, radio, television advertisement can be read or seen over again and again. These Ads content can be stored for future.



  • Low knowledge of customers with medium used.

 People don’t know the medium used in branding of company, as this information may be fake or not relevant to circumstance of people.

  • Costly Print and Radio/Tv Advertising

Advertising on newspaper, magazine or radio/television is more costly and we need some anchor or manpower to distribute these.

  • Marketing Strategy Can Not Measured

Analog Advertisement can’t predict the result of campaign. customers engagement and track feedback with the products and service is difficult.



  • Target Worldwide Audience

A campaign running can target local as well as international customers and customers can filtered according to gender, location, age and interests for make more effective.

  • Digital advertisement is cost-efficient. 

Though some invest on paid ads online; however, the cost is still cheaper compared to Analog Advertisement.

  • Easily track data and results.

With Google Analytics and the insights tools offered by most social media channels, you can check on your campaigns at any time. 

  • Real Time Results

Fast way to boost to your business as need of confirmation from clients is not required.  You can see the numbers of visitors to your site and its customers increase, peak trading times, conversion rates on advertisement of website.

  • Brand Development

A well-maintained website with quality content targeting the needs and adding value to your target audience can provide significant value and lead generation opportunities.

As both advertisements is popular and significant in their field, but as we are passionate about digital marketing and using latest techniques to engage our customers that works. People don’t use too much analog advertising materials in market.