How to Use Reddit to Get Organic Traffic to Next Level in 2020
Manoj Kumar - Dec 04, 2020

We all know the power of the internet market and looking for a new traffic platform for the growth of our business(In the terms of Leads, Followers or Brand Awareness). By the way, there are many traffic platforms on the internet, but in this blog, we will discuss Reddit and its real facts like the Total No of active users, Monthly page views, and average visiting spending time on Reddit.

Some of the important factors to consider Reddit as good in the internet market and still the 7th largest site in the US.

Now it's time to share with you what we found.


  1. What is Reddit and how to use efficiently
  2. Demographics of Reddit Audience
  3. How to post, place, and a good time
  4. Reddit rules and regulations
  5. Choose a relevant Subreddit

What is Reddit all about and how to use it efficiently?

Reddit is a social news platform with a huge no. of community members. It is an amazing marketing tool or source to get traffic.

There is uploading unique content on a daily basis and visiting millions of users over there.

How to use:

Registered users can submit content in the form of links, text posts, poll, videos, and images and other registered members can vote up or down on your content.


Demographics of Reddit Audience

Before publishing any content over the Reddit platform you must know about the Reddit Audience and age groups. According to the latest released Reddit statistics, there are 25 to 29 age group range and many as users from the US withholding 23 percent. The rest of the 21 percent are 18 to 24 range.

So it clearly defines the Reddit Audience as more focused on young adults. Before publishing any post, article, videos and any content just target the right Reddit audience. 


                                                Demographic Reddit Audience


How to post, place, and a good time

Let's start posting. You can post 4 types of content: a text post, an image, a link, or a poll. Then choose the desired title and content of your post. Click to submit.

Post reach depends on whether community members of the subreddit like it or not. be cont...

Post in a relevant subreddit(Reddit place)

At Reddit, there are many subreddit dedicated to a specific topic. 

Choose the right subreddits that suit your topic's goal and publish your content over there. 



Best Time to Post

Generally, We have observed the best time to post to get the most engagement is around 7-8 AM US Eastern Standard Time.

Reddit rules and regulations

Reddit has some rules and regulations that everyone has to follow. You can read more about rules and regulations at this link. Reddit blocks and terminates the accounts if you use the misleading content or other anonymous activities. It can ban you without the user being notified.



Choose a relevant Subreddit

Reddit has a subreddit search function or features at . Choose the best and relevant niche subreddit and post there. 



Thanks and happy to assist you if you ask any questions or doubts related to Reddit.