Virtual Reality
The Ambition of virtual reality is to revolution and shape the approachto see objects using virtual systems. Virtual reality is a package of technology which clown our feelings and thought as we have gone somewhere else.
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Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) is technology to show Reality of objects when it is not existing physically. Virtual Reality produce 3-dimensional form of objects.

VR is simulating a physical existence of object in real or imaginary world which allows users collaborate in that World.

Virtual Reality is implement of computer technology focus on organising interactive simulated environment. Learners interact with Virtual experience rather than screen view. With help of Virtual Reality headset, students can assemble with 3D digital model worlds which are educative and captivating. Simulating senses including vision, hearing, touching or smelling experiences can be transformed into excitement of study.

Virtual Reality in Business

Virtual Reality becomes a vital demand of almost every business. With decreasing costs of VR headsets liable for strong and growing market of Virtual Reality. VR vantage process improvement and marketing at advanced level in business with marvellous scope.

Virtual Reality in Education

Visual Reality adopted as significant in education where it helps is teaching and learning situations. Virtual Reality enables students to connect and collaborate with each other in 3-dimensional environment.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Healthcare is widely use Virtual Reality which embrace surgery simulation, robotic surgery process, skill training and medical treatment.

This technology allows healthcare professional to learn new skill with improved form of existing ones in secure environment. VR support new skills without effecting any danger to the patients.

Virtual Reality in Sports

Training aid of Many Sports Including Golf, athletics, cycling etc. use the Virtual Reality. It measures the performance of athletic with analysing techniques and VR helps in design techniques and performance. To design the clothing and equipment and to improve experience of audience, Virtual Reality is used.
Why Virtual Reality is in trends.
  • Increase company profit via 3-dimensional view of the products for better customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Helpful is Viral marketing and branding of company in e-commerce industry.
  • Promotion of product and services of company with decent combination of photography and technology.
  • Virtual Showrooms capable of showcase goods of manufacturers without any use of physical space.
  • Safe controlled area at all most no risk with realistic scenarios.
  • Remotely handle process to save time and money.
  • Innovative and interesting environment through different learning styles.

Virtual Tours in Business Environment

Company who manufactures dangerous and harmful products, they need to evaluate their products before launch them. Testing of products is implement in a Virtual environment without any risk of products or harm to employees. Virtual Reality is highly pragmatism and effectively.

Training Provide for new Employee

Virtual World is used in business for holding meetings with clients living in various locations. The communication in remote locations within large number of employee is low cost Virtual Reality is used by some company works with data analysis and forecasting tendency to overcome to business competitors.

Solving Ecommerce's Biggest Problem

People often involuntary to pay any material until they have tried which effect ecommerce sales rapidly negative. Trial of products and several demonstrate of categories of products are possible via Virtual Reality. This enhance clarity of after purchase experience. VR technologies provide people to view tours of home from anywhere crossway the world.

360 View of Business Products

Virtual Reality offers demo of testing of products in development stage without any risks or additional expenditure in business.

Students can learn complex data in convenient way so that it becomes fun and interested for them. These Students discover more about objects though interaction with objects in that circumstance. Students are having specific creativity learning power and easily learn symbols, colours, patterns and textures, VR is helpful for them.

Provocative Visualization

In traditional classroom environment educational display is not possible. Virtual Reality is powerful learning tool which allows students to prospect realities and different learning experience. After wear VR headset leaners intersect with high quality visualization of education. Pictures helps in education to better leaning. Virtual aspect of learning is to interact with content as much as possible by using Virtual technology.

Improvement in Education Quality

Virtual Reality has increase the boundary of education. Learning experience becomes impressive with three dimensional view of educational content. 3D View in real life enables better grades and application of content. Virtual Reality facilitates students to better understand lesson and observes mistakes usually skipped.

Maximize Leaners Participation

Virtual Reality is absorbing in today’s educational classrooms. This interactive technology fills excitement in students and enhance student teacher interaction. Traditional teaching methods are plain, simple and also boring. New VR Technology added in pedagogies refurbished the educational experience. VR helps education to achieve interactive success.

Enhance Content Possession Rates

Virtual Reality and Education support students to sustain better way of material. Traditional textbook materials are presented in interactive 3D form which impact on learners for memorise the material. To test the dominance of related technologies, studies have been managed to improve retention rate.

Human Simulation Software

HumanSim system provide facility to doctors, nurse and medical persons to collaborate each other’s in a reciprocal environment. They can interact with a patient within 3d environment thought engage in scenarios of training. It measures the emotions of participants through series of sensors which is an immersive experience.

Diagnostics of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is frequently used in diagnostic tool which enables diagnosis team to colligation with other methods such as MRI Scanning etc. The deficiency for incursive procedures or surgery is removed by Virtual Reality.

Robotic Virtual Surgery

In Robotic surgery, Virtual Reality technology is used. A robotic device performed surgery which is controlled by human surgeon. This subtract the risk of complications and time taken in surgery. For training purposes and in remote surgery Virtual Reality technology is used. Remote surgery is performed at distinct location to patients by the surgeon.

Performance with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology helps athlete for better tuning of their performance. If a golfer wants to improve their swing or track racing candidate want to perform better. Through biomechanics or technique athlete performance can be speckle with three dimensional systems.

Innovation & Design of Driving Equipment

Virtual Reality is implemented in designing of sports cloths and equipment like Design of running shoes. Sports people are sounding to vantage that edge which are faster, stronger and toughness.

Their bodies can drive the sports clothing and equipment industry to pushing boundaries. For perfection I sporting industry has to keep pace constancy with drive and use of latest technologies in this area.

Bring Audience closer to Sporting Event

Improvement of experience of audience of a sporting event is Done by Virtual Reality. Audience can walkthrough stadium or sports location while purchasing a ticket to an event with help of VR Systems.
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